Tacx Magnum Smart trainer T9000

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Tacx Magnum Smart trainer T9000

A level further: interactive bike trainer and treadmill in one.


This groundbreaking and unique treadmill introduces a completely new way to cycle and run indoors. It represents our vision of an innovative, realistic trainer that allows you to improve precisely what you want to improve.
On this Magnum you can both cycle and run. Maximum incline is 15% and maximum speed is set to 30km / h. Above this speed, the trainer compensates for this by adjusting the angle of inclination.
Since your bike is not attached to anything, you are free to cycle as you want. The cycling experience is thus maximized. With the included training software, the Magnum automatically adjusts to your driving speed. At the front it is bounded by a roll that you can safely ride against and you go too far to acting, then the band stops automatically. The band is equipped with 2 indicator LED strips that continuously monitor your position on the belt and adjust the speed accordingly. The Magnum is equipped with a control panel for manual settings, in addition there is a 32 "screen for the virtual reality. This is again linked to the supplied PC where the Tacx desktop app runs and you get an annual subscription to the Tacx premium software that is already installed.

A certified team installs the treadmill at your home.

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