showroom address

Math Salden bv
Provincialeweg 21
6141aa Limbricht

E-mail addresses and telephone numbers



General +31 46 4587812
Sales +31 46 4587812
Orders +31 46 4587813
Clothing +31 46 4515944

+31 46 4587812


+31 46 4587814


Rabobank 149243316
IBAN: NL36rabo0149243316
SWIFT: Rabonl2u

KVK: 14063685

Opening hours

Monday closed    
Tuesday 09:00 18:00  
Wednesday 09:00 18:00  
Thursday 09:00 18:00  
Friday 09:00 19:00  
Saturday 09:00 17:00  
Sunday closed    

Exceptional closing days 2022:

Saturday 3 December (World Cup football) open until 4 pm instead of 5 pm
Saturday 24 December (Christmas Eve) open until 4 pm instead of 5 pm
Saturday 31 December (New Year's Eve) open until 4 pm instead of 5 pm

Parking en route

Due to the heavy traffic in the area, we strongly ask everyone to park in the designated spaces and certainly not in front of driveways or at intersections. The police are cracking down. Behind the shop in the Gronckelstraat there is sufficient parking space at both the church and the Scouting. Customer call system
In order to provide you with even better service, we recently started using a customer call system. If there is no salesperson available at the time of arrival to assist you in choosing a bicycle, you will receive a pager that will beep and vibrate the moment someone is available.

This way you can browse all 4 floors (Race, MTB, Clothing and Helmets-Shoes department) in our store at your leisure and you can be sure that you will be helped soon. If you prefer not to have to wait, it is possible to buy a bicycle on Tuesday-Friday afternoon by appointment.

To schedule an appointment, send an email to





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