Chronology Cycling Math Salden: A solid name for 55 years

Here I try to give a brief description of the history of this family business.

  • 1963 Math Salden starts his business at his parental home in Limbricht. That was in the garage and they started repairing bicycles and mopeds. In the performance of the then so popular Solexes Math was a master. He managed to have these things drive at 80 km/h with the use of 'miracle oil'. 
  • 1967 New shop building on the Provincialeweg in Limbricht. Here the first design was started in the run-up to the current concept. Then still very basic, but you have to start somewhere. 
  • 1974 Soon the new building was too small and there was an extension and a stock on top. Then this was the first split-level bike shop in the Netherlands and people came from far and wide to admire the building.
  • 1975 Ton Cremers develops his own revolutionary measuring system. at that time this design was still made with geodriehoek and ruler, but the advantages of this bike measurement were unprecedented for that time, because solid measuring equipment was simply not available as it is now.
  • 1986 A big shock for Math, staff and actually the organization as a whole when it turns out that Ton is incurably ill. It was he who was the cradle of the development of the racing department that was known far into the Netherlands and Belgium. Because of the death of Ton, April 15, 1988 is therefore also known as an ink black day in our history and Tweeweielserspecialist Math Salden will never be the same again without him, but still the shop must continue. 
  • 1988 After the death of Ton takes ex. Alain Strouken, a professional cyclist, takes his place over and continues the racing department.
  • 1989 Math Salden goes online with the first website of a bicycle specialist in the Netherlands.
  • 1996 The domain is born. Nowadays the most normal thing in the world, but at the time an exclusive matter.
  • is the first in bicycle country to add a real shopping cart to its site by means of Shopinsite. is the first real online store.
  • 2004 Math Salden stepped down and handed the sceptre over to his son Ralph, who proudly carries the name of his father under the name Wielersport Math Salden.
  • 2005 Immediately the specialization is implemented and there is rigorously said goodbye to the moped trade and after some doubt later also to all city bikes and even mudguard bikes, leaving only the cycling segment which of course benefits the specialization.
  • 2006 A major renovation follows and in October the official reopening takes place at castle Limbricht under the direction of Danny Nelissen. Linked to this is the new corporate identity in advertising, provided by The Graphic Box and the new layout of the website.
  • 2008 The Wielersport Math Salden bike team has grown to 8 fulltime & 8 part-time employees who are continuously ready for you and we are proud that we have little staff turnover.
  • 2009 Wielersport Math Salden aims to publish real-time stock management online as a bicycle store in the Netherlands. For this purpose, a fairly advanced automation system is purchased which will later also serve as the basis for the webshop.
  • 2014 The current webshop is in need of replacement because, for example, it does not yet use filters and a completely new concept based on Magento is being custom developed. It is a complicated process with many possibilities to which new features are added every day.
  • 2017 The webshop we had made in 2014 has never really worked properly. That's why we decided early 2017 to develop a new webshop in-house, one that fits us like a jacket! 
  • 2018 9 March 2018 we are pleased to announce that our new webshop based on the latest Magento 2.2.2 platform is a fact. All modern features and functions are built in and we are ready for the future.
  • 2018 December 2018, the second version of our new website. With even more functionality, so we can serve our customers even more,


The shop window from Math Salden around 1980

Ton Cremers was very skilled in measuring racing bikes and displaying all the beautiful cycling gear that was fed at the time. He kept a Peugeot car by winning a competition.UnfortunatelyTon died far too young in 1988.

Math Salden as an active cyclist.

Opening of Paardestraat Sittard with Frans Verbeek and Eddy Merckx

Cycling club The Eagles at training camp

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