Goldcard members receive a 10% discount on a large part of our range. You can become a Goldcard member by buying a Goldcard for 10,- euro in our shop or webshop.
You will receive a login and password from us with which you can login here. After that, in our webshop adjusted prices will be shown and you can forever with the maximum possible discount order your stuff online at Wielersport Math Salden.

In addition to the fixed discounts, we at Math Salden Wielersport regularly have all kinds of short-term actions. In ourwebshop you will find an overview of all discounted products on the Sale page.

21% VAT discount ?
Everyone in the Netherlands is obliged to pay VAT, and so are we. Therefore, the VAT discount action means that you as a buyer enjoy a discount the size of the VAT, but not that there is no VAT remittance. On your receipt is therefore still the VAT amount specified on the amount after deduction of this discount. The ex VAT amount is calculated by dividing the amount by 1.21 because VAT must be paid on the amount ex VAT.
Calculation example:
You buy something of 215 euros
You divide this amount by 1.21
Makes € 177.69
The amount of VAT in between is then:
215 - 177,69 = € 37,31

Add to that 177.69 21% and you come back to 215 euros.

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