The 11 securities of Math Salden

  1. Certainly the lowest price: At the moment of purchasing a bicycle, a binding price agreement is made. If the price of the bicycle for the time of delivery falls, you benefit, if the price of the bicycle rises in the meantime, you do not have to pay anything extra.
  2. Certain of free computer measurement when purchasing a bicycle to be 100% sure of the correct dimensions.
  3. Certain of professional assembly and setting the correct dimensions at no extra cost.
  4. Certain of free assembly of all accessories when purchasing a bicycle.
  5. Certain of exchange or credit note within 14 days after purchase in the store, right to refund of purchase amount when purchased remotely.
  6. Certain of no additional shipping costs multiplied by exchange over distance.
  7. Certainly of top quality. Continuous quality control to ensure that only original quality products are delivered.
  8. Certain of top guarantee. All products are delivered with 100% official factory warranty. You do not pay any service or administration costs.
  9. Certain of mobility. In case of a warranty request, we will provide you with a rental bike, frame or wheels free of charge.
  10. Certain of free mounting multiplied by warranty bike or frame breakage.
  11. Certain of the largest range and choice. Wielersport Math Salden offers the largest collection of top brands under one roof.
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